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ECR 2010 / C-1758
Morphologic change of a thyroid nodule with initial benign US and cytology after fine needle aspiration biopsy: Incidence and significance
Congress: ECR 2010
Poster No.: C-1758
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Topic: Head and Neck - Oncology
Keywords: Head and neck, Oncology
Authors: Y.-M. Sohn, E.-K. Kim, H. J. Moon, S. J. Kim, M. J. Kim, J. Y. Kwak; Seoul/KR

Methods and Materials

From October 2003 to December 2004, among patients who underwent thyroid FNAB, 550 patients who had thyroid nodules with initial benign US and cytologies were included in this study. Standard references were established by pathologic results, follow-up cytologic results, or follow-up US. We evaluated the incidence of morphologic changes to suspicious US findings of these thyroid nodules after FNAB and their malignancy rates. We evaluated the US features affecting the morphologic changes after FNAB in these patients.

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