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ECR 2010 / C-3424
FDG-PET scanning in extranodal marginal zone mucosa-associated lympoid tissue (MALT) lymphoma.
Congress: ECR 2010
Poster No.: C-3424
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Topic: Molecular Imaging - Your latest results
Keywords: Molecular imaging
Authors: K. Hayasaka1, M. Koyama1, T. Yamashita1, T. Nihashi2; 1Tokyo/JP, 2Nagoya/JP


 Seventy patients in this study included 29 men (41.2%) and 41 women(58.8%) with a median age at diagnosis of 64 years (range 33 to 90 y)(Figure 1).

 The sites of MALT were the orbit (n = 34)(Figure 2), stomach (n = 22)(Figure 3), lung (n = 9), intestine (n =4) , thyroid(n=3), bone marrow (n =3) . head & neck (epipharynx, tonsil, sublingual gland, lip, larynx)(n=6), intestine (rectum, ileum, cecum)(n=4),breast (n=1), esophagus(n=1), liver (n=1)(Figure 4).

The SUVmax of FDG was <1.5 at 3 sites (orbit, n = 2; lung, n = 1),

1.5~2.5 at 21 sites (orbit,n=14; bone marrow,n=2; lung, stomach, lip and larynx, each one) and >2.5 at 60 sites ( Figure4).

 Sensitivity in orbital MALT(50.0%) and marrow MALT(33.3%) was lower when compared with non-orbital, non-marrow MALT(89.4%).  The stages were Ⅰ in 51 patients (sensitivity in 74.5%), Ⅱ in 12 (sensitivity in 66.7%), and Ⅳ in 7 (sensitivity in 71.5%). 

 Other findings were: high LDH in 4 of the 69 patients (5.7%), high serum interleukin 2 receptor in 35 of 67 (52.2%)(Figure 1), CD20-, n=2 (lung and tonsil),  CD5-,CD10-; n=76 (91.6%),CD5-, CD10+; n=2 (orbit)(2.4%), CD5+,CD10-; n=5(orbit)(6%), Bcl2+, n=71(97.3%), Bcl2-, n=2 (2.7%), Bcl6-, n=57(90.5%), Bcl6+, n=6(9.5%)(Figure 5).

 Fifteen patients of gastric MALT were positive for Helicobacter pylori (68.2%)(Figure 1).

There was a significant difference between stage 1 nad 4, orbit and stomach (Figure 6 )

 Of the 70 studied patients, 23 were followed up FDG-PET, which detected relapse in four of them (Figure 7,8).













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