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ECR 2012 / C-1334
Foreign bodies: What a wonderful world!
Congress: ECR 2012
Poster No.: C-1334
Type: Educational Exhibit
Keywords: Foreign bodies, eLearning, CT, Conventional radiography, Emergency, Abdomen
Authors: L. Garcia-Ferrer, R. Garcia Garcia, M. D. MONEDERO, A. González-Cruz Soler, E. Cascón Sánchez, E. Blanco Pérez; Valencia/ES


Foreign body (FB) is defined as a object/material that doesn’t belong to the human body, but they are found in it. Thay can be because medical reasons (prosthesis, heart pacemakers), accidental (children, labor accidents) or in order to obtain a profit (psyquiatric patients or prison people).

It is a non frequent radiological finding although it uses to be interesting, curious and sometimos surprising (depending on the object found). More than that, FB gives information about history of the patient, speaking of previous events with little medical importante at the moment or real emergencies. Radiologists have a very important role in revealing the presence, dimension, nature and relationship with anatomic structures of a FB, thus enabling the best therapeutic choice: conservative, endoscopic, laparoscopic or open surgical methodologies

They can be swallowed, put in a human cavity or fitted in a traumatic way. Usually they have no complications, but thay can have them (perforations, mucosa ulcerations, abscesses) so in USA FB are the responsible for 1500 deaths/year.

Our intention is to make a guide of FB with a pictorial review.

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