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ECR 2013 / C-0702
MSCT in GIST patients with hepatic metastases treated with new generation tyrosinkinase inhibitors: comparison between density and dimension.
Congress: ECR 2013
Poster No.: C-0702
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Keywords: Oncology, Abdomen, Gastrointestinal tract, CT, Contrast agent-intravenous, Staging, Cancer, Metastases, Monoclonal antibodies
Authors: A. Insalaco, G. Lo Re, F. Muscarneri, F. Patti, M. C. Galfano, L. La Grutta, T. V. Bartolotta, M. Midiri; Palermo/IT


2 patients (33%) showed a partial response, with a dimensional and densitometric lesions reduction. 3 patients (50%) showed stable disease with diameters unchanged although it was a reduction of the lesions density. Only 1 patient (17%) did not respond to therapy, showing after 6 months disease progression with an increase of lesions number.

Overall, after 3 and 6 months of treatment we have observed a reduction of the liver lesions total diameter average by 8% and 10% respectively, and a reduction lesions density average by 20% and 26% respectively.

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