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ECR 2013 / C-0788
Evaluation of coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) using 640 slices multidetector computed tomography (TCDM) angiography: image quality and dosed
Congress: ECR 2013
Poster No.: C-0788
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Keywords: Cardiac, Cardiovascular system, Vascular, CT, CT-Angiography, Contrast agent-intravenous
Authors: A. Gennarelli, A. Di Sibio, M. Perri, F. Di Stasio, V. Felli, M. Di Luzio, A. V. Giordano, E. Di Cesare, C. Masciocchi; L'Aquila/IT


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  2. L. Şahiner, U. Canpolat, K. Aytemir, T. Hazırolan, H. Yorgun, E. Baris ̧ K. and A. Oto. Diagnostic accuracy of 16- versus 64-slice multidetector computed tomography angiography in the evaluation of coronary artery bypass grafts: a comparative study. Interactive CardioVascular and Thoracic Surgery 0 (2012); 1–7

  3. F.R. de Graaf, J.E. van Velzen, A.J. Witkowska, J.D. Schuijf, N. van der Bijl, L.J. Kroft, A. de Roos, J.H.C. Reiber, J.J. Bax, G.J. de Grooth, J. Wouter Jukema, E.E. van der Wall. Diagnostic performance of 320-slice multidetector computed tomography coronary angiography in patients after coronary artery bypass grafting. Eur Radiol (2011) 21:2285–2296 

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