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ECR 2013 / C-1840
CT angiography in patients with acute spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage:detection and characterisation of intracranial aneurysms: comparison of Volumen Rendering and Maximum Intensity Projection algorithms
Congress: ECR 2013
Poster No.: C-1840
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Keywords: Neuroradiology brain, Vascular, CT-Angiography, Catheter arteriography, Diagnostic procedure, Aneurysms, Haemorrhage
Authors: Z. Merhemic1, M. Niksic1, S. Milisic1, E. Burazerovic1, I. Omerhodzic1, E. Avdagic1, D. Bulja1, M. M. Thurnher2; 1Sarajevo/BA, 2Vienna/AT


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