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SERAM 2014 / S-0674
Resultados en el diagnóstico integral del cáncer de mama
Congress: SERAM 2014
Poster No.: S-0674
Type: Presentación Electrónica Científica
Keywords: Mama, Mamografía, RM, Ultrasonidos, Análisis de resultados, Cribado, Neoplasia
Authors: M. Guirado Blázquez, J. I. Acitores Suz, L. Cadenas Rodriguez, J. M. Hernandez Atance, A. Alvarez Luque, J. Romero Coronado; Madrid/ES


Breast Cancer Detected with Screening US: Reasons for Nondetection at Mammography.

Bae, M.S.; Moon, W.K.; Chang, J.M.; Koo, H.R.; Kim, W.H.; Cho, N.; Yi, A.; La Yun, B.; Lee, S.H.; Kim, M.Y.; Ryu, E.B.; Seo, M. 

Radiology. Vol. 270 Nr. 2 Página: 369 - 77. Marzo 2014.


Breast MRI: guidelines from the European Society of Breast Imaging.

R. M. Mann; C. K. Kuhl; K. Kinkel; C. Boetes. 

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Counterview: Pre-operative breast MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is not recommended for all patients with newly diagnosed breast cancer.

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Monica Morrow, Janet Waters, Elizabeth Morris.

Lancet 2011; 378: 1804–11


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