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ECR 2015 / C-1543
A rare case of hernias of the anterior compartment of the leg
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Congress: ECR 2015
Poster No.: C-1543
Type: Educational Exhibit
Keywords: Hernia, Education, Ultrasound, MR, Musculoskeletal system
Authors: M. Pascale, A. Muda, D. Orlandi, R. Sartoris, E. Silvestri, G. Garlaschi; Genoa/IT



The diagnosis of fat herniation should be considered in patients with positionally variable subcutaneous nodules, especially in the lower extremities, a rare condition occurred through weak points of fascia cruris crossed by perforating vessels that cause fascial defect. Ultrasonographic examination is useful for detecting the fascial defect; in addition to offering high-resolution imaging, ultrasound also provides the capability of real-time dynamic assessment of soft-tissue structures excluding other conditions caused by soft tissue tumours such as lipomas, angiolipomas, fibromas and the relatively common condition of muscle herniation. A MRI exam, performed by T1 weighted, T2 weighted and T2 fat suppression sequences, can be useful to confirm the ultrasound diagnosis.


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