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ECR 2018 / C-0039
UTERINE FIBROMA: the endovascular point of view
Congress: ECR 2018
Poster No.: C-0039
Type: Educational Exhibit
Keywords: Interventional vascular, Genital / Reproductive system female, Vascular, CT, CT-Angiography, MR, Embolisation, Arterial access, Puncture, Hyperplasia / Hypertrophy, Dysplasias, Education and training
Authors: A. Paladini1, D. Beomonte Zobel2, E. M. Amodeo1, G. E. Vallati1, G. Pizzi1; 1Rome/IT, 2Roma/IT


For the vast majority of women affected by symptomatic uterine fibroids, endovascular embolization is an excellent alternative to traditional surgical therapy.

Uterine artery embolization has gained an important role as a safe and effective treatment modality for symptomatic fibroids since its introduction nearly two decades ago.

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