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ECR 2018 / C-2956
Breast lesion markers for 3D ultrasound examinations of the breast.
Congress: ECR 2018
Poster No.: C-2956
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Keywords: Image registration, Screening, Observer performance, Ultrasound, Breast
Authors: L. de Jong1, M. K. Welleweerd2, J. van Zelst1, F. J. Siepel2, S. Stramigioli2, J. J. Futterer1, R. M. Mann1, C. L. de Korte1; 1Nijmegen/NL, 2Enschede/NL


[1] Van Zelst, J. C., Platel, B., Karssemeijer, N., & Mann, R. M. (2015). Multiplanar reconstructions of 3D automated breast ultrasound improve lesion differentiation by radiologists. Academic radiology, 22(12), 1489-1496.

[2] Giuliano, V., & Giuliano, C. (2013). Improved breast cancer detection in asymptomatic women using 3D-automated breast ultrasound in mammographically dense breasts. Clinical imaging, 37(3), 480-486.

[3] Ceha, D., Petersb, T. M., & Chenb, E. C. (2015). Acoustic characterization of polyvinyl chloride and self-healing silicone as phantom materials. Liver, 1595, 0-5.


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