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ECR 2018 / C-2384
Ultrasound evaluation of the mandibular condyle cartilage thickness and its influence on the temporomandibular joint and masseter muscle
Congress: ECR 2018
Poster No.: C-2384
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Keywords: Radiographers, Musculoskeletal joint, Musculoskeletal soft tissue, Ultrasound, Experimental investigations, Efficacy studies, Tissue characterisation
Authors: R. A. M. Santos1, C. S. S. D. Silva2, S. F. C. Noite1, A. André1; 1Coimbra/PT, 2044/PT


Except left condyle with Closed Mouth thickness, all measurements present an excellent reproducibility (ICC values between 0.784 and 0.980, in a scale of 0 to 1, being that it is considered excellent when ICC ≥ 0.750). The ICC value obtained for Condyle Thickness Left Closed Mouth, 0.713, represents a satisfactory reproducibility.  

Considering the analyzed side (right vs. left), there were only statistically significant differences (p <0.050) in the values of muscle ecogenicity.

When comparing the values obtained by the same structure, but at different moments of evaluation (open mouth vs. mouth closed and rest vs. contraction), there were statistically significant differences for all variables, since p <0.050.

The results obtained when related to the headache described by the participants and the acquired measurements (structures vs. headache), there were no significant differences in the thickness of the right condyle in the open mouth and in the closed mouth (p> 0.050).


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