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ECR 2019 / C-2873
Beyond pancreatic adenocarcinoma: “by-the-book” cases of non-adenocarcinoma lesions
Congress: ECR 2019
Poster No.: C-2873
Type: Educational Exhibit
Keywords: Education and training, Education, MR-Cholangiography, MR, CT, Pancreas, Gastrointestinal tract, Abdomen
Authors: F. M. A. Coelho1, P. S. B. P. Panizza2, J. M. M. M. Santos2, I. Santiago3, F. Velloni4, R. Blasbalg2; 1São Paulo, São Paulo/BR, 2São Paulo, SP/BR, 3sao paulo/BR, 4SÃO PAULO/BR


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