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ECR 2019 / C-2779
Sellar region masses: Tips and Traps
Congress: ECR 2019
Poster No.: C-2779
Type: Educational Exhibit
Keywords: Education and training, Cancer, Image compression, Education, MR-Diffusion/Perfusion, MR, CT, Neuroradiology brain, Head and neck, Anatomy
Authors: M. E. Scherer1, S. Centofante1, A. Calderwood2, E. Rossetto1, F. M. Olivera Plata3, L. Bengolea1, C. R. Deragopyan1; 1Buenos Aires/AR, 2CABA, C.A.B.A/AR, 3Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires/AR

Learning objectives

1. To review MRI most typical and remarkable imaging findings in sellar masses.

2. To remember the importance of complete anatomical delimitation and correct description of invasive sellar masses.

3. To identify most common pitfalls and to be able to remember most important differential diagnosis.

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