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ECR 2019 / C-2677
'Discovering' an Enhanced Imaging Patient Experience through Employee Engagement
Congress: ECR 2019
Poster No.: C-2677
Type: Educational Exhibit
Keywords: Quality assurance, Patterns of Care, Education and training, Education, Experimental, Professional issues, Management
Authors: R. Doda Khera1, K. Dean2, P. Jones2, D. Rosman2, S. Saini1; 1Boston, MA/US, 2Boston/US


Familiarity with the above patient experience program process can help enhance overall patient experience scores and employee engagement. It can help set the standard that can evolve into a service optimization model for the department of radiology. Figure 13 illustrates the  repeatable process that also emphasizes on monitoring performance to maintain accountability. ( Fig. 13 )


Fig. 13: Service Optimization
References: ©"Mass General Imaging, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA 2018.''



Ultimately, we strive as radiology service providers to move towards a trusted partnership with patients ( Fig. 14 ) by joining them at the start of their imaging journey and partnering with them throughout their experience by respecting their expectations, perceptions, contexts and needs.


Fig. 14: Recommendation to move towards a trusted partnership by joining patients at the start of their journey.
References: Mass General Imaging, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA 2018.
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