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ECR 2019 / C-2475
All above female pelvis: benign gynecological pathology in MRI
Congress: ECR 2019
Poster No.: C-2475
Type: Educational Exhibit
Keywords: Education, MR, Genital / Reproductive system female, Pathology
Authors: I. Diez, L. GARCIA DEL SALTO, A. Marco Sanz, F. Aguilera del Hoyo, J. de Miguel Criado, P. Fraga, P. Quintana Valcarcel; MADRID/ES



The high frequency of gynecological alterations makes it indispensable to know the normal pelvic anatomy and to become familiar with its aspect in MRI.



Being able to identify benign pathologies is crucial, since they can coexist with malign injuries or be incidental findings.


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