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ECR 2019 / C-1458
Lights and shadows of Cardiac MR Imaging at 3T: quality assessment and comparison with 1.5T
Congress: ECR 2019
Poster No.: C-1458
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Keywords: Tissue characterisation, Ischaemia / Infarction, Artifacts, Imaging sequences, Diagnostic procedure, MR, Cardiovascular system, Cardiac
Authors: S. Torlone1, A. Corridore1, C. De Cataldo2, P. Palumbo1, E. cannizzaro1, M. C. De Donato1, E. Di Cesare1, C. Masciocchi1; 1L'Aquila/IT, 2L'Aquila, ITALY/IT


3T automatic Cardiac Volumes measurements had minor reproducibility (coefficient of variation (CV) was 30% for left cardiac sections and 61% for right sections); similar results for the 3T automatic LGE measurements (CV 39%) were observed.

T2-weighted images were inversely associated with BMI (One-way Anova, with post-hoc Tukey’s test p<0,0001)

Ratio between scar tissue SI and normal myocardium SI showed median value of 3,4 and 7,2 respectively at 1,5T and 3T; this difference was statistically significant (Wilcoxon rank sing test paired samples p=0,0005). Ratio between normal-perfusion and hypoperfusion myocardium SI at 3T was significantly higher than 1,5T, with median value respectively of 4,9 and 1,5 (Wilcoxon rank sing test paired samples p=0,004).

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