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EuroSafe Imaging 2019 / ESI-0082
CT imaging for appendicitis - nationwide survey
Congress: EuroSafe Imaging 2019
Poster No.: ESI-0082
Type: EuroSafe Imaging
Keywords: Action 1 - Guidelines, implementation policies, and Clinical Decision Support (ESR iGuide), Action 5 - Performance indicators for radiation protection management, Action 13 - Stakeholder engagement and collaboration, Abdomen, Paediatric, Management, CT, Ultrasound, Audit and standards, Diagnostic procedure, Surgery, Acute, Quality assurance
Authors: G. Pärtan1, D. Wachabauer2; 1Donauspital Wien /Verband für Medizinischen Strahlenschutz in Österreich (VMSÖ) Wien/AT, 2Gesundheit Österreich GmbH Wien/AT


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