Welcome to the ECR 2020 EuroSafe Imaging Poster Exhibition in EPOS™!

EuroSafe Imaging, the European Society of Radiology's flagship radiation protection campaign, organises an annual poster exhibition at the European Congress of Radiology to give stakeholders the opportunity to showcase their efforts to improve quality and safety in medical imaging and demonstrate their support for EuroSafe Imaging.


  • ESR & EuroSafe Imaging Steering Committee representatives
  • EuroSafe Imaging Steering Committee subgroups
  • National radiology societies
  • Related professional societies
  • Patient groups
  • National, European and international institutions
  • Individual healthcare professionals
  • Industry representatives

Since 2016, the EuroSafe Imaging exhibition has been using EPOS™ (Electronic Presentation Online System), the European Society of Radiology's online database for electronic scientific exhibits.


Browse all posters in this year's exhibition or go to eurosafeimaging.org for more information on the campaign.


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