ESSR 2016 / P-0057
Use of the Ultrasound guided treatment of light fibrinolysis and viscosupplementation of the musculotendineous district of the ankle in athletes , for quicker recovery.
Congress: ESSR 2016
Poster No.: P-0057
Type: Scientific Poster
Keywords: Musculoskeletal system, Ultrasound, Diagnostic procedure, Athletic injuries
Authors: S. Giannini1, G. Boni2, R. Guitaldi1; 1Rome/IT, 2Foligno/IT


We selected athlete presenting functional deficit and limitation of the ankle, caused by osteochondral lesions due to overuse and intraarticular loose bodies associated with a tendinous compromission caused by chronic tendinopathy with peritendinitis and calcifications.

All athletes suffered from relapsing partial intratendinous tear with pain and functional limitations, associated with bone calcific metaplasia, favoring the continuous lesions.

 8 patients have been treated for the Achilles’ tendon ( Fig.2 , 3 ) and the proximal and distal myotendinous joint, 4 athletes have been treated for the posterior tibial tendon and 3 for peroneus ones ( Fig.4, 5 ).

 With the guided ultrasound, after identifying the lesion site and chosen the approach, we have treated the osteofibrous metaplasia with DRY NEEDLE and if bleeding and by hypo echogenic areas we have injected 2 or 4  ml of medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid 500-1000 kDa (Hyalgan). The quantity of hyaluronic acid to use was decided according to the extent of the tendinous lesion, often multicentric .

 Just rarely we had to prepare the site with Lidocaina 2 ml.

The procedure was repeated twice, 8 days apart, and followed by in intraarticular injection of high-end hyaluronic acid after another 8 days.

All athletes benefited by this tendinous treatment, immediately.

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