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Search posters from ECR and other congresses

You can easily search posters from all ECR congresses since 2003:
• using the Quick Search by entering your search term to the search bar and click 'Go' or enter

• using the extensive Browse Posters tab in order to specify your search results by Society, Year, Type of poster, Area of interest, Imaging Technique, Procedure, Special Focus.


Sort your results by relevance, newest, top rated or most viewed.

Using search filters

The marked filter will interactively narrow all posters in the database that contain your search term to the selected options. You can combine the filters with the free text search.

Search for authors

When using the free text search field, our search engine recognises author names automatically, and will display results from within the author line on top of all search results.

Technical requirements

The poster viewing operates with any current browser, but you need to have JavaScript installed and enabled to access all functionalities.
Supported Browsers (Mac or Windows):

The use of Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) is not recommended. If you run into any problems while using IE6, please upgrade to a new version or use another browser.


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