ESSR 2017 / P-0295
Ankle and mid foot ligaments revisited: US and MRI with anatomic correlation: A pictorial essay
Congress: ESSR 2017
Poster No.: P-0295
Type: Educational Poster
Keywords: Athletic injuries, Diagnostic procedure, Ultrasound, MR, Extremities
Authors: S. Döring, S. Provyn, M. Shahabpour, C. G. Boulet, J. de Mey, M. De Maeseneer; Brussels/BE


Ankle and mid-foot ligaments play an important role in providing stability to the respective joints that they bind. Injuries of the ankle and foot can disrupt these structures and cause acute and chronic instability of the corresponding joints.


The anatomy of the ligaments around the ankle and foot is quite complex. A detailed knowledge of normal anatomy of these ligaments and their appearance on ultrasound and MRI can be useful in correct diagnosis of traumatic and non-traumatic ligamentous abnormalities.



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