ESSR 2019 / P-0129
Postoperative, traction MR arthrography for pain after arthroscopy for FAI: High prevalence of osseous deformities and intra-articular lesions due to under-/overcorrection
Congress: ESSR 2019
Poster No.: P-0129
Type: Scientific Poster
Keywords: Arthrography, MR, Musculoskeletal joint, Arthritides
Authors: F. Schmaranzer1, T. D. Lerch1, B. Henninger2, K. A. Siebenrock1, M. Tannast1, E. Schmaranzer3; 1Bern/CH, 2Innsbruck/AT, 3St.Johann /Tirol/AT


Prevalence of osseous deformities due to over- or undercorrection and intra-articular lesions is high after failed hip arthroscopy. Traction MRA was useful for detection of OA progression. Identification of osseous over-/undercorrection after failed hip arthroscopy is essential because open surgical approaches must be considered for correction of dysplasia and abnormal femoral torsion.

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