ESSR 2019 / P-0138
US of the common peroneal nerve and ITS two terminal branches: how to do it; a detailed didattic approach
Congress: ESSR 2019
Poster No.: P-0138
Type: Educational Poster
Keywords: Education and training, Education, Ultrasound, Neuroradiology peripheral nerve, Musculoskeletal system, Anatomy
Authors: G. Buonomenna1, E. Massone1, M. De Cesari1, V. Picasso2, G. Rebella1, A. Muda2, D. Orlandi2, E. Silvestri1; 1Genoa/IT, 2Genova/IT


US provides a quick, dynamic and real time images for the evaluation of peripheral nerve, with greater sensitivity than MRI.

In addition is very important the possibility to compare ultrasonography findings against the controlateral side.To carry out ultrasonography of peripheral nerve is essential to know the perfect anatomy of each nerve, paying attention to anatomic landmarks and common sites of injury.

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